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This Teen Titans Go panel is priceless! Looks like in a couple of years we will get another serious teen titans series yes! And Greg Cipes and Tara Strong are just the awesome. The questions people asked were very funny  but the best part was 28:50-

Person asking question “When will raven admit she likes beast boy?”

Greg (in beast boy voice to tara), “Come on mama tell the truth! We’re all family!”

Tara (in raven voice), “I cant commit until we get rid of Terra”

Greg (beast boy voice), “Who’s Terra?”

Tara (raven voice) “That’s Right” :)

YES! Thank you!


Titan Redraw #18 &19

Really quick/messy redraws. It was a quick/messy day. :D


what if tenzin was by aang’s side when he was dying

and then aang’s last words for tenzin was


and then dies


new ships I ship:

  • Kainora
  • Bopal
  • Kopal / Korpal???
  • Korra & Suyin’s hot twin sons 
  • Huan Skrillex & art
  • Earth Queen & a horrible painful death


Titan redraw #20

I wish I wish I was at SDCC…